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Akshat Rasayan - Panorama of Endless Capabilities It has proudly been associated with more than 25 chemical trading houses, including many international giants of chemical trade and other chemical products, meeting their precise demand for Chemicals for Food, Food acids etc. Akshat Rasayan deals into: Sodium Benzoate Manufacturer Sodium Benzoate Supplier Sodium Benzoate Delhi Sodium Benzoate Ahmedabad Potassium Chloride Manufacturers Potassium Chloride Suppliers Flocktan In India Flocktan Manufacturers Flocktan supplliers Flocktan uses Flocktan Price Flocktan Gujarat Flocktan Maharashtra

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Tannic Acid Pharma Grade Purity 98% Appearance Prilled Light Brown Packing 20£ [9.072] kg. Test Certificate and Msds on Request At Akshat Rasayan NEW Delhi www.akshatrasayan.com
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Flocktan USD 15 USD 15 Flocktan is a high purity complex of acids used for the production of nylon 66 and for a wide range of application: Resins, Adhesives, Coating, Plastics, Paper , Plasticizers, Nylon and detergent. Flocktan range is a primary application which simplifies water treatment operation in application , it is recommended with other coagulant including Aluminium sulphate, resulting in lower cost and increased efficiency with the use of single floculant. Special features are :- Strong metal complexing Affinity towards anti-oxidizing properties. True 1440402999
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